Leadership & relational guidance

Chevalliance, the center in equicoaching COTAC © and CEL © were created in 2008 by Florentine van Thiel. It is aimed at business leaders, managers, individuals who wish to develop their leadership and their relationships, as well at people who want to become equine coaches.
Are you concerned by the following:
♦ You have difficulty in gaining trust with others …
♦ You see that more of the same thing generates the same result …
♦ You consider it a waste of time to listen to your collaborators …
♦ You are exhausted working with a group …
♦ Want to change careers to work with horses …
♦ You want to regain self-confidence …
♦ You always take care of others and do not know how to say no …
♦ You have the feeling of losing or you have lost the reins of your life …
♦ You have difficulty overcoming your fears …
So through our training courses for managers, coaches and individuals, an approach in equicoaching will improve your relationship and your leadership.
To see which program suits you best, a first telephone appointment is offered to you, if you are convinced we will continue with the horses.

Chevalliance : Equine Coaching Center

Chevalliance is a renowned center for several years where you will become equine coach by following a training in two levels:

♦ Training to become an equine coach: see the complete course

♦ For coaches: training for coach posture: read the program …

The COTAC © methodology includes a specific training of the horse (the CEL © training) allowing perennial awareness. At the end of the course you will be certified equine coach.
To get to know each other before committing you, a first telephone appointment is offered.


Develop your leadership
and relational guidance

♦ Are you motivated on certain days to energize your employees?
♦ Does stress affect your communication?
♦ Do you have any difficulty in the current climate of uncertainty?
♦ Are serene and consistent if you are in a hurry?
♦ Do you clearly express your intentions?

What if the horse could make you gain in serenity, comfort, leadership and clarity on several levels? Curious to know more? See our training proposals

No need to be riders or have equestrian knowledge to dare participate in our seminars. Activity with the horse is done on the ground in complete freedom and in the utmost safety. How does the horse intervene?


Be the leader of your life
and find self confidence

♦ After a burnout, depression, cancer or any other traumatic event do you know how to manage your weakness?
♦ Do you feel able to clearly express your needs?
♦Do you feel respected in your professional (or other) relationships?
♦ Do you feel that others choose for you?

If you feel bracketed another vision can allow you to regain a joie de vivre that has dented your journey.

Want to regain that happiness ? See our programs

No need to be riders or have equestrian knowledge to dare to participate in our workshops or individual coachings. Activity with horse is done on the ground in complete freedom and in the utmost safety.

Florentine perfectly fits the equestrian space to the world of the company and takes each participant to find the right answers to the questions that one can have in one’s daily professional routine.

Stéphane Depaepe - 17 juillet 2014

Administrator - PHCOM

It is an enriching experience not only we learn about our leadership style but also about ourselves, our personality, in a very honest and true way.

Zita Balogh - 21 octobre 2015


Training “Human Resources” (…) My passion for horses led me to this training to become an equine coach COTAC ©. I had the pleasure, during this training, to realize it corresponded to my expectations and even well beyond. Read more…

Sylvie Simiand - 25 octobre 2015

Equine coach

I am Florentine van Thiel, ELFC * certified coach and EASEL **, business and life coach  certified in Paris and a member of the International Coaching Federation (IFC).

Passionate about horses since my childhood, I mounted for the first time on horseback at 18 years. The gentle power of Argentina has remained engraved in my cells as a beneficent welcome which has never left me.

Although I worked in a number of companies in the non-profit sector, most of my career took place at the European Commission. It was in the velvety cosmopolitan offices that I understood the knowledge of our non verbal communication is an asset to success and that the higher the level one reach, the more important communication skills are.