Are speed and control a brake to empathy?

charisme et cheval

Speed and control might be a brake to empathy. We have curiously multiplied our ways of communication which one might have thought the result would have been flow and – perhaps a better world. A better and empathic world. But rather than an ecology of messages we come to a pollution of stressful like communication. […]

What kind of relationship would you like?


Getting out of a daily perimeter is part of everyone’s learning. And parallels are plethora with equicoaching. So yes, my horses also learn to discover the world and what fascinates me about them is this real ability to see each day totally different, new, exciting. While we are generally rather in a routine approach to […]

And what if we were talking about love?


In coaching, the notion of love is sometimes touched upon, and rarely frankly addressed in the professional relationship between coach and client. We are going to talk about posture, transfer, countertransference, framework, consciousness and work on oneself or on the other without ever talking about love. Now love is a theme that underlies all kind […]


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