• Have you ever spotted the hidden qualities of your teams without always highlighting them?
    – Thanks to the horses vision in team building, members of your teams occupy positions corresponding to their potential
  • Do you know how to improve the quality and impact of communication within your teams?
    – With horses you identify when you teach them how to communicate better together as a team spirit
  • Do you know how to stimulate differences to complement them?
    – With horses you identify when and home to boost them and the benefits are positive for the whole
  • Does benevolence matter in your company?
    – With horses you identify how encouraging them to respect each other for a better understanding in a fun and caring spirit

Aims of teambuilding training

This one-day training aims at knowing oneself and others in a fun way. This day allows us to become aware of our communication preferences and associated behaviors and the impact on a good team cohesion. It offers everyone the opportunity to take their place taking the others into account.

If you want to talk about it or receive an offer of training, a phone call is offered.

Horses allows us to :

  • become aware of our body language
  • understand how it contributes to or slows down our messages and the result on team members
  • improve our communication in order to align verbal and non-verbal communication
  • understand the impact of this improvement on team members
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of everyone

Participants come out of the workshop with real shared experiences of growing together and learning transposable to their professional life

Target audience

Any professional group wishing to :

  • know each other better
  • strengthen spirit collaboration
  • strengthen team cohesion

Practical arrangements

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 1 day

Maximum number of participants: 20

An excellent way to discover some unsuspected aspects of our colleagues.

Samantha Hinneman - 17 juillet 2014

Business developper - PHCOM

Thank you for this equine coaching – we were already a great team and we leave even more close and with this little magic thing! Thank you for showing us the path of our consciousness, acceptance, … of our emotions … ..

Ch. Depierre - juin 2013 - teambuilding

Secrétaire ONE