♦ Have you lost your self-confidence due to personal circumstances in your life?
– You know how to take risks and trust your guts
♦ Do you express your intentions clearly?
– Your communication is clear the words to say it come easily
♦ Are you (well) prepared for the job situation you are occupying?
– You are comfortable in all circumstances


Purpose of Self-Confidence Training with Horses

  • To bring you to your own solutions
  • To make you live positive experiences with horses and discover your skills in non verbal communication
  • To go back with a concrete action plan
  • To increase your professional results

This training offers both the learning of personal potential development tools and supports the enhancement of self-esteem through positive experiences.

Lack of self-confidence is a recurring subject and experiencing with horses help identifying how it is translated for everyone. It is an individual experience.

Participants discover the immediate impact on their physical, mental and emotional abilities.

Each participant will leave with a concrete action plan based on their experience and their awareness.

Leadership or assertiveness may also interest you.

Benefits of Self-Confidence Training with Horses

  • Understanding of what a belief is, its causes and its effects on our relationship
  • Understanding the impact of your preference of communication
  • Resuming your personal power over events in different professional or private aspects and fix it
  • Discovering or re-discovering personnal potentials
  • Direct application in professional and private life

Practical informations

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 days
Number of participants: 8

I needed something different to get a real change concerning my needs. Following the advice of a colleague I embarked on the adventure of equine coaching.
And I must say that the result exceeded my expectations.
After the sessions I had with Florentine and Liberty I am serene and centered again. I am more comfortable in my professional environment and happier in my personal life, the benefits are immense and the world belongs to me again.
The time with Florentine or Liberty goes in a flash.
The support provided by Florentine, in the form of a more “traditional” coaching is fine, focused and benevolent. Florentine opened me to new concepts that I use now regularly.
Liberty and the horses are just amazing. I experienced moments of wonder with Liberty while learning, thanks to her, what I could accomplish, how I felt and what my emotions were projecting.

Cécile Roussel • HR Business Partner • April 2017