Practitioner level - For individual practice



Module 1: Animal Communication (2 days)

  • Another development tool for better understanding

Module 2: Horse training at liberty for equine coaching CEL © – (2 days + follow-up)

  • Better understanding the non-verbal communication
  • Mammal brains Human / Horse
  • Better understanding how and on what we are communicating
  • How to be vs how to do when in relation with a horse, learn how to listen
  • Individual follow-up throug the entire training

Module 3: Basics of coaching / equine coaching when meeting the client (2 days)

  • Learning the twofold position of being a facilitator/Coach
  • Laying the foundations of a coaching and meeting up the horse issues
  • Learning how to support through the change process

Module 4: Follow-up of the equine coaching appointments (2 days)

  • Identifiying, role of beliefs, and how to accompany them while connecting with a horse
  • Stress Management and Mental Modes – evaluation tools
  • Practice with the horse through different tools

Module 5: Follow-up of the equine coaching appointments (2 days)

  • Defining and identification emotions
  • How can a horse better understand the perception of emotions and their impact
  • Mindfulness of our emotions through a non verbal language and its communication impact on the horse

Module 6: Understanding the implications of a coaching relationship (coaching vs therapy) (2 days)

  • Psychology Basis
  • Understanding the transference and counter-transfer
  • Managing our own relationship with the client and the horse
  • Building a human and profound bound through the love revealed by the horse to support/accompany the client


814 € VAT Excl.


Depending on the regulations in force in your country.


5698 € VAT ExcL.


The prerequisites are to participate to an introductory workshop, to send us a CV and a cover letter. This workshop allows you to discover what equine coaching is and to understand the implications of the training. At the end of this workshop you will receive a letter of eligibility for participation to the full practitioner level program. This eligibility is valid for one year.

To participate to the workshop you just need to download the registration form, complete it and pay your subscription to the introductory workshop. Upon receipt of your payment, a workshop pre-questionnaire is sent to you. It must be returned to us two days before the start of the training.

The Practitioner level gives you access to all the relational aspect with the horse (based on liberty) and the acquisition of an equine coach posture to help individual.

The Expert level gives you access to the whole multi-relational aspect of equine coach posture in the context of groups (men and horses).


The COTAC © certification is a certification by pairs. COTAC © means coaching and Horses-Assisted Therapy approach (in French : COaching et approche de Thérapie Assistée par les Chevaux).

The pairs are:

  • Coaches in the business world,
  • Equine coachs with a long practice of one on one sessions
  • Therapists accompanying different audiences

All are able, through their professional of respective practice, to assess whether you are able to exercise and respect our ethics. The essential qualities of this practice are benevolence, non judgment, in addition to the practical tools of coaching and equine coaching taught.



Dates of your choice:

• 1 and 2 May 2018
• 3 and 4 December 2018


COTAC 2019






 Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6 

28 Jan 2019

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 Module 1

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21 sep 2017

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12 oct 2017

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19 jan 2017

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2 fev 2018

3 fev 2018

As a Life Coach for 4 years, I was very intrigued by Equine Coaching: the partnership with the horse seemed powerful, even if I did not understand how. I was very lucky that Florentine was organizing a training close to my place in France.

Sandrine Bruneau - January 18th - 2016

Equine coach pracitionner level



• Dates to come







 Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6 



Certification dates:

Belgium :

• 15 Septembre 2018 (Belgium) – practitioner and expert level