One on one session

♦ After a burn-out, a depression, a PTSD, a cancer or any other traumatic event are you able to manage your vulnerability?
With one on one coaching you go back to your life with keys trust life and an inner growing self confidence

♦ Are you able to clearly express your needs?
Your communication is clear both at professional and private level

♦ Do you feel respected in your professional (or other) relationships?
You become assertive without being submissive or aggressive

♦ Do you feel like others are choosing for you?
You clearly express what is important to you


If you feel alone or different, another vision can help you regain a joie de vivre lost in difficult period of time

To go back to life, find your space, find a job, develop healthy relationship with those around you, for taking the appropriate decision, it is necessary to take stock with a benevolent outside help.

A pack of 12 x 1h, those one on one sessions offer to :

  • clarify your needs,
  • respect your inner values
  • find self confidence
  • find the appropriate personal decisions
  • gain in peace and dare to live
  • be confident in all circumstances

Away from human judgement, this coaching will allow you to join your wish, activate the changes you would like to happen in your life.