Trust and self leadership



Horses react in the moment and give us an immediate benevolent feedback. The snapshot of this feedback allows us to adjust our behaviors in terms of feelings, through our different channels of perception and to verify the accuracy of their effectiveness.

The Equine Coach facilitates the triangular relationship between the client and the horse. His professionalism identifies the possible answers that the horse reveals to allow the person to evolve in the moment by questioning and reframing. The experience of change is direct. Learning by feeling is powerful and far from any mental interpretations. The results are concrete, experienced and transposable on a daily basis.

Different workshops are designed with specific coaching themes

One on one session

Following an improved methodology where the idea is to recover self gouvernement, and based on short period time (about 4 months). Step by step you will move to reach your wishes, horses mirroring where you are in in the path.

Only by appointment


Small groups allow to develop benevolence. This harmony continues when meeting the horses allowing to awakening and growing. You learn from you and you learn by watching the other interacting with horses. The support of the participants, the sharing of their story help every one to grow with trust in a safe environment.


Assertiveness is an element of self-knowledge: “neither hedgehog nor doormat”. If we know how to assert our point of view we can develop trust and determination. Without this first step towards the deployment of our potential we spend our life shrinking. These two days will help you to: 

  • learn to say no and feeling safe
  • take one place without being aggressive
  • discover the energy of emotional intelligence
  • assert ourselves in respect of our vis-à-vis

Timetable : 9am to 4pm

Dress code : Boots or good shoes and seasonal clothing 

Self confidence

Self-confidence is the result of positive experiences. A day to bring you to moments of joy and overcoming your apprehensions with great gentleness.

Our proposal related to horses is:

  • discover your qualities and grow through positive experiences
  • tame your emotions far from human judgment
  • deploy your potentials
  • exercise your emotional intelligence with horses

TImetable : 9am to 4pm

Dress code : Boots or good shoes and seasonal clothing

Burn-out – try a new vision

Burnout is characterized by a total explosion of our boundaries and an impossibility of return to oneself. What if all this had a hidden meaning? What if – just like depression with which he is so often associated – all of that said something positive about you and you could rethink your life and work differently?

The proposal is:

  • identify our boundaries
  • learn to respect them
  • learn to respect our personal space
  • identify what makes us happy
  • find what gives you energy
  • express our needs

Timetable : 9am to 4pm

Dress : Boots or good shoes and seasonal clothing

Stress, PTSD or emotional disorder

We are constantly living in stress, it is the way we live it that makes it acceptable or unbearable. Because it is indicator of survival it is important to understand these mechanisms to tame it and live a better life.
What are your triggers? How to alleviate the consequences?

  • discover your action levers to move towards fulfillment
  • open your eyes to your means of action in difficult times
  • regain your optimism
  • reconnect to your personal energy
  • experience stress as a resource rather than a brake
  • learn to activate serenity

Timetable : 9am to 4pm

Dress code : Boots or good shoes and seasonal clothing

10 minutes of relational learning with a horse is more effective than any training where one remains “between humans”. This leaves an indelible trace! Thank you Ashnan 😉

Edith Bouvy, December 16th, 2015

Assertiveness workshop

Thank you very much for this wonderful adventure, for the attentive listening and the sincere accompaniment very precious for my journey: new horizons open!

Mélanie Bouhy, July 28th, 2015

Trust and self confidence workshop

For me who did not know horses at all, and was afraid that nothing will happen, I had a connection of incredible power, I was flooded with sweetness, joy and had the surprise that “Andjie” came and recognized me, and vice versa – an unforgettable experience!

Anne Lebelt, December 1st 2015

Trust and self confidence workshop

Magic … that’s what I experienced from the beginning to the end …
At the beginning, one wonders what a “horse” will be able to tell us that one can understand …
I have been passionate about them for years and despite my approach to animals, I never thought of talking to them with my heart.
And that’s where Chevalliance makes sense …
Florentine, with subtle sweetness, leads us on paths that many of us have forgotten … Intuition, to listen to each other, to really know each other, to love oneself as we are!
We are all perfect !! We just put this idea in the closet because of our beliefs, our ego, others …
To hear it reassures us but must we still anchor it! So nothing more convincing than a horse!
This being so pure, so true and authentic … It sends us back to a mirror of ourselves that we can not disapprove of.
I had the good fortune to make a link with Ashnan and Lola, 2 little mares full of generosity. They knew more about me than I had ever known. They gave me everything I needed to thrive today! During this journey rich in emotion, my life has completely changed. Unexpected (and expected) events opened up to me and I, too, could find the keys to build any future desire …
I deeply advise everyone to open up to this little corner of paradise that Florentine maintains with passion and love.Thank you, thank you extraordinarily for this support. Thank you for everything!
It’s been years since my dream was to have a horse again … and thanks to Florentine and her team with hooves that everything is possible again!

All my gratitude for this gift that is Arcadian, thanks to you!

Laurie Dupont, September 2014

One on one session

My goal was to learn how to lead a discussion and manage stormy situation in a serene way. I wanted to be able to resolve it positively in the best interest of all parties. We come out well in the present, no stress, no opposition without having felt attacked or pushed beyond our boundaries. Ready for new challenges! Thank you for this discovery!

Bénédicte Limauge, Arpil 5th 2016


Despite having done a lot of personal development, thanks to the horses. I learned some things about me not yet highlighted.

Frédérique Destexhe, December 16th, 2015