Leadership is not a question of dominance

Leadership practice is about activate the right response at the right time with the right person. It is not a question of dominance. It can be, but most of the time it is unecessary.

Dominance is to tell everyone what to do, assertiveness is to ask each one something. During this day you will learn more of these different aspects for a better leadership communication adapted to your own professional needs.

The outdoor day will give you the opportunity to understand and develop a new way to practice your leadership. First learned with horses this will offer you a unique opportunity to develop your charisma in your professional field.


Leadership Practice: The Program

♦ Am I a leader or manager?
– With horses you identify how practicing your leadership and consciously get the result you want, you will leave with the energy of those who lead

♦ What are my internal drivers?
– With horses you identify what your points of attention are

♦ Am I a good leader?
– With horses you identify and understand how to motivate, when to let go and when to guide actively

♦ What is my natural positioning?
– With horses you identify a better communication because you take your place from who you really are


One-day workshop

Mainly outdoors, this is a unique moment of learning in a friendly atmosphere among horses from 9am to 5pm. An indoor part for the brief theoretical aspects.

Practical arrangements

  • Knowledge of horses is necessary.
  • The fear of horses is overcome in comfort and benevolence.
  • The activities are done on the ground (no riding).
  • We work with our own horses (security guarantee).
  • Qualified personnel allow an approach in total safety.
  • We work alternately indoors and outdoors in Chièvres (close to the Air Base).
  • We also work in Paris, Brittany, Dordogne and South of France.

It is a rewarding experience not only we learn about our leadership style but also about ourselves, our personality, in a very honest and true way.

Zita Balogh - 21 octobre 2015 - IKEA - Leadership training

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