Leadership individual coaching

Leadership individual coaching

  • Do you have difficulties with legitimacy of your place?
    – With horses you identify what is the feeling of being fully legitimate at the position you occupy
  • Do you often feel quirky?
    – With horses you identify why your personality is your best asset and what makes the difference
  • Do you need to justify why you are there?
    – With horses you identify that you are at right place and no matter the opinion of the entourage you know where you go
  • Do you need to control everything?
    – With horses you identify how to grow your self-confidence and trust your collaborators, colleagues and employees
  • Can you leave room for others?
    – With horses you identify that you can delegate without fearing the competition or imperfection
  • Do you tend to cut the talk?
    – With horses you identify what is a listening quality that allows the relational intelligence inspiring trust
  • Do you have difficulty speaking?
    – With horses you are experiencing the feeling of being comfortable in public and speak with ease

To find your place in the professional world whatever it is, and to establish healthy relationships, it is necessary to know who you are to be able to assert yourself.

In a package of 10 x 1h, these individual coaching sessions aim to:

  • clarify your needs,
  • improve your communication
  • increase your self confidence
  • understand the mechanisms of your positioning
  • to gain serenity
  • be comfortable in all circumstances

It is one thing to be efficient in one subject and master it mentally. It is another to communicate, direct, guide men. Safe from human judgment, this one-to-one coaching ensures confidentiality and discretion. It will get you out of your preferred behaviors and will allow you to discover other ways to communicate to improve your leadership and your ability to guide other.

My professional offer in coaching with horses is to make you evolve through questioning and reframing to develop your leader skills. Transposition of situations with horses allows you to experiment situations where the way you communicate is clearl and without judgment. This improves your posture so that body language and thought expresses the same thing. Your leadership grows  affirming your personality and the respect of other. This is one of the major skills to master to take your place in a context of increasing demands in terms of quality and efficiency of services without succumbing to the pressure of the environment.

Horses are extremely responsive in relationship which allows quick awareness of:

  • Personal positioning style
  • Quality relationship resulting from this personal positioning
  • Improving skills in being in the moment
  • Discovering that leadership is situational

Horses allows:

  • to develop situational leadership – a must in a fast-paced world
  • highlighting how communicate clearly with those around you
  • to discover your body language and inner emotions which is a rare concrete body learning
  • recevoir un retour immédiat sur les changements de votre état interne
  • to have an understanding of your preferential behaviors and how it impacts others
  • to have an identification of your privileged behavior in stressful situations and how to improve it

Target audience

Anyone in charge of leading teams or troops
Anyone having to face new responsibilities
Anyone facing new position without necessarily being (well) prepared
Anyone wishing to develop leadership

In practice

The exercises are on the ground (no riding) – no equestrian knowledge or special affinities are necessary to participate in activities with horses.

I needed something different to get a real change concerning my needs. Following the advice of a colleague I embarked on the adventure of equine coaching.
And I must say that the result exceeded my expectations.
After the sessions I had with Florentine and Liberty I am serene and centered again. I am more comfortable in my professional environment and happier in my personal life, the benefits are immense and the world belongs to me again.
The time with Florentine or Liberty goes in a flash.
The support provided by Florentine, in the form of a more “traditional” coaching is fine, focused and benevolent. Florentine opened me to new concepts that I use now regularly.

Cécile Roussel • HR Business Partner • april 2015