♦ It is not necessary to feel anxious, stressed or depressed to start a coaching to improve yourself, do you want to develop or discover your potentials?
One on one equine coaching allows you to acquire even more skills to attract the good of life and take a real path

♦ After a burnout, a depression, a cancer or any other traumatic event, do you know how to manage your fragilty?
One on one individual equine coaching gives another vision and guide you trusting yourself in what life can offer you

♦ Do you feel able to tell your needs clearly?
Through the one on one equine coaching, your communication is even clearer both professionally, in your family and with your loved ones

♦ Do you feel respected in your professional (or other) relationships?
Your assert yourself with horses without being submissive or aggressive to live more and more fulfilling relationships

♦ Do you feel like others are always choosing for you?
Horses encourage you to clearly express what’s important to you and take your place with ease

If you feel like you are not really living your life or that you are being left aside, a benevolent look, can allow you to find back joy of life.

To resume the course of your life, find or take your place, establish healthy relationships with your entourage, make the right decisions, express yourselves calmly it is necessary to take stock trusting a benevolent outside help.

In a package of 10 x 1h, these individual coaching aim to:

  • clarify your needs,
  • respect your values
  • regain self-confidence
  • learn to calmly express yourself
  • discover how to assert your point of view
  • make the right decisions
  • gain serenity and dare more
  • feel at ease in all circumstances

Far from judgmental human way this coaching will allow to live a fulfilling life, to reach your wish, to activate the changes that you wish to happen in your life.