Who is Florentine van Thiel?

About Florentine van Thiel

I am Florentine van Thiel, certified equine-coach EFLC* and EASEL**, business coach and life from the Ecole de Coaching from Paris and ICF member.

Horses were passion when I was a child, but I only started to ride at the age of 18 years old. The soft power feeling of Argentine, the first horse I rode, is still engraved in my cells and never left me.

My career was essentially at the European Commission. It is there that I realise that we all are very weak to clearly communicate both at verbal and body language due to our different stress level.

In one of my article “Worker vision” you will learn how Lancelot, my first horse opened this awesome path of personnal development growth with horses through the equine coaching approach.

Every day horses ask me to put myself in question, to evolve regularly in order to find the right attitude for human as well as for horses. I support and honor horses in their work to blossom human potentials

Because I realise that we are more “doing” and provoking our environment to get results I created a specific training where the horse is  at liberty and free to express himself. This training called COTAC© and CEL© is to become equine coach and is delivered in Belgium, Switzerland and France.

I also am a speaker.

My others passions are writing and paintings that I practice since 40 years now. I had a lot of exhibitions in Belgium and abroad with great pleasure.

Here is a summary of my different training complementary to coaching :

  • Level One and Two of SANE coaching with Mani Hesam
  • Advanced Follow-up workshop with Dr Joe Dispenza in Portland (USA)
  • Advanced workshop with Dr Joe Dispenza in Italy
  • Freedom Based Training with Elsa Sinclair
  • Equinisity Retreat at Liz Mitten Ryan with Elsa Sinclair in British Columbia
  • Horsefullness training with Karine Vandenborre
  • Introductory workshop with Dr Joe Dispenza in Paris
  • Certified ANC training in neurosciences from the Institut of Neuro-cognitivisme
  • One day leadership training with Linda Kohanov in Paris
  • Two non-verbal training with animals with Dr Anna Evans
  • Certified master, business and life coach from the Ecole française de coaching in Paris
  • Certified EASEL equine coaching training at Oy Cavesson
  • Certified Kathy Pike’s Level I  ELFC* (Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching)
  • Certified Kathy Pike’s Level II  ELFC (Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching) terminée par la certification
  • Certified level 4 horsemanship from Fédération Française d’Equitation at Haras de la Cense
  • ANH (Australian Natural Horsemanship) and ethnology knowledge with Silvia Furrer
  • level I and II training with Dr Marthe Kiley Worthington
  • equine diet training with Dr Eric Ancelet
  • level I and II non verbal training with Dr Anna Evans
  • animal biokinésiology training with Corine De Wolf
  • psychoanalysis and different therapy to put myself in question in order to become a better coach and equine coach along my path