Expert Level

Apprenticeship and practice of the equine coach posture in business and corporate world

Module A: Identification of the request of coaching and Systemic approach (2 x 2 days)

Frame of the request: basics to build a professional relationship and how to set a framework and contract in business and corporate equine coaching (who really wants to change? who is the real client?)
Systemic global: understanding global and dynamic interactions between individuals

Module B: serenity and consistency in corporate events (2 x 2 days)

The need to embody serenity and coherence: work of the equine coach posture through martial arts (karate) and how the horse reacts : how to improve our presence in corporate events
Cognitive and behavioral approach, training to internal and external diagnosis: identification and activation of our inner characters and how to see external signs in the other

Module C: Identification and management of what we serve in public (2 x 2 days):

Saboteur and self-saboteur: The ego restriction of dominance and submission, self-confidence and excessive confidence in the other
Indoor or outdoor predators: A better understanding of the implications of gregarious positioning and how to change to gain assertiveness

Module D: Freedom and Business Journey (2 x 2 days):

The approach of freedom with the horse: how to build a serene relationship without technical means – Finding inner security for oneself and for the horse
How to build a framework for a business event 


1800 € HT per module for 5 participants minimum and 8 participants maximum or 7200 € HT for the complete program

How to integrating the training

The prerequisites are:

If you are a coach: we invite you to participate to an introductory workshop, send us a CV and a cover letter. This workshop allows you to discover what equicoaching is and to understand the implications of training. At the end of this workshop you will receive a letter of eligibility for participation to the training. This eligibility is valid for one year.

To participate in this workshop you just need to click to the subscription button, and make your participation payment. Upon receipt of your payment, a workshop pre-questionnaire is sent to you. It must be returned to us two days before the start of the training.

– If you have done the practitioner level: you just have to mention it when subscribing to the training

Level 2 Expert gives you access to the whole multi-relational aspect of the equine coach posture when leading groups (men and horses). This level was born out to the fact that being an equine coach requires a perfect knowledge of the corporate world and the art to present equine coaching.

This also requires implications of our own non-verbal communication as the horse takes into account the coach and the client. In other words, be more “equine” than “coach”. It is less about work on the horse than about what we do in front of an audience and the issues we put into it.

In the course of four modules of twice two days (see below the detailed program) the intention is to work your posture while in the coporate world with all the human concerns knowing that the horse highlights all naturally. As an equine coach, the horse reveals the congruence of your posture facing a customer and facing a group. It is your credibility to work your own non-verbal communication, whether it comes from dominance or submission, from trust to excess at the risk of putting you in danger, to paralyzing mistrust.

The silent ego transformation into identity allows you to be aligned. Your posture inspires serenity, respect and confidence.


After the presentation of memoire reporting your progress and learning during this training course, a certification committee will issue you a qualification certification.


The COTAC © certification is a certification by pairs. COTAC © means Coaching and Horses-Assisted Therapy Approach (in French : COaching et approche de Thérapie Assistée par le Cheval).

The pairs are:

  • Coaches in the business community
  • Equine coachs with a practice of accompanying individual in different non-market sectors
  • Therapists accompanying different audiences

All are able, through their respective professional practice, to assess whether you are able to work as equine coach and respect our ethics. The essential qualities for this practice are benevolence, non judgment, in addition to the practical tools of coaching and equine-coaching taught. Regarding the corporate world the importance of stress management and mindfulness of one posture is essential