Trust and leadership

In equine coaching, the horse shows us how to create a balanced relationship. He becomes a media who shows us HOW TO BE rather than HOW TO DO. He will help us develop our charisma. Leadership is about personality and is situational. Every man or woman in a leadership position is rarely (well) prepared. The horse will help you react with ease in every situation. By helping you seeing things from a different angle, he will help you develop your leadership posture.

We offer several courses :

One on one session for leaders

♦ Are you (well) prepared for the job you are in?

– Would you like to evolve with ease in new situations

Increase your self confidence

This will have an impact on your income!

♦ Do you stay calm and coherent under pressure?

– You want to stay inspiring even if you are stressed

Embody serenity in your professionnel field

This will bring you calm and cohesion in every circumstances of your life

♦ Does stress impact the way you communicate?

– You want to communicate with the right words despite the stress


A day to gain harmony

Do you have lack of motivation to energize your employees sometimes?

– You want dynamic and committed employees

– You want to create a good team spirit

Team building – group cohesion to work on motivation and team communication 

One day to work better together

 Do you have difficulties to stay focus in a climate of uncertainty?

– You want to maintain the lead calmly despite the current difficulties

Develop your leadership

One day to explore differents aspects of what being a leader means with a clear and aligned body language

♦ Are you overwhelmed by circumstances and guidelines?

– You know the direction

Coaching for leaders one on one session

Clarify your needs with individual targeted support

The reason why we have two ears and one mouth is because we should listen twice as much as we talk as leaders

Tobias Lalinder - 21st October 2015

Deputy Manager - IKEA

Horses are honest, transparent, do not lie and provide us with a fair mirror at all times.

This mirror allows immediate and powerful awareness of our being, our state of mind, our leadership.

Chantal Vander Vorst - 30 April 2014

Managing Director - Humanix

“The highlight of this workshop is experimentation with horses that allows another look at oneself, another way to develop self-confidence.Thank you and congratulations!”

Jean-Pierre Testa

Coach and Management Consultant at Cegos France