• Do you feel at ease while leading a group?
    – With the horse you identify how to feel comfortable leading a group without fear of being judged
  • Do you feel out of control in certain situations without finding a brake?
    – With the horse you indentify how to control your feelings and stay serene
  • Are there people who annoy you more than others?
    – With horses you identify how to keep calm
  • Would you like to defend your points of view without causing conflict?
    – With horses you identify when and how you can give your point of view without attacking the opposing party
  • Does unexpected events change your attitude?
    – With horses you identify how to cope when unexpected things happenedThis cycle of four days is a training course that will open the horizons to serenity and consistency in dealing with groups and will lead you to coherent leadership



  • Cognitive and behavioral approach (internal and external identification of personal stress triggers) –
    Learning serenity and consistency through working posture through martial arts (karate) and the immediate feedback of horses (better management of personal leadership)

In partnership with Chantal Vander Vorst de Humanix and approached by the innovative angle of equicoaching, neuromanagment (neuroscience applied to management) and martial arts (karate).

Target audience

Project Manager
Transverse Team Leader
Anyone having to face new responsibilities
Anyone wishing to develop their personal leadership skills

 Why horses?

Horses help to conscientize in a benevolent and fast way on:

  • Your leadership position
  • Your leadership style (dominant, assertive, passive)
  • The quality of your way to build a relation
  • Understand the impact of clear body language
  • Your degree of influence
  • Your personal flexibility in a relationshipIt is a work of awareness on your behaviors and the impact of it on your environment, collaborators, troops or colleagues. Which leads you to understand what it helps to validate or invalidate your leadership. This allows you to advance and acquire new skills through the equine coach that makes you evolve with immediate questions. You live the change in the moment without undergoing it.

Why neuromanagement?

Neuromanagement will help you to understand how your brain works and you will learn how to surf in stressful situations. This real-life learning with horses allows you to:

  • Discover what are your strengths and qualities
  • Set up decompression kits
  • Work on the right situational posture to adopt as a consistent leader
  • Manage the influence of your team operation
  • Develop a 360 ° relational quality
  • Identify the importance of relational agility
  • Understand the impact of your body language
  • Understand the importance of sharing a vision and a clear goalThe corporate and military culture and its performance are, among other things, a reflection of our internal decision-making processes and the visible part of our brain processes is reflected in major indicators: successes and failures, profitability and losses, motivation and absenteeism, energy and burn- out. To act both on the visible part and on our processes is a guarantee of success.

Why martial arts?

The origin of karate was to maintain security in society and protect the country through self-transcendence and perfection of personality. This new, relevant angle of view brought by Chantal Vander Vorst – third dan of Karate from Shitoru School – makes it possible to integrate the postural dimension. Mastering the keys to good leadership improves with:

  1. Self-knowledge and self-confidence
  2. The arts of karate, kata and combat, and the transposition into leadership: technique, art and dance with immediate feedback from the horse
  3. The Budo or the Way and how to be inspired by leadership and management
  4. The symbolism of salvation and rituals in karate, and the transposition into management
  5. The art of breathing, a powerful tool allowing more than not to die
  6. Energy management of difficult situations
  7. Resourcing

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I needed something different to get a real change concerning my needs. Following the advice of a colleague I embarked on the adventure of equine coaching.
And I must say that the result exceeded my expectations.
After the sessions I had with Florentine and Liberty I am serene and centered again. I am more comfortable in my professional environment and happier in my personal life, the benefits are immense and the world belongs to me again.
The time with Florentine or Liberty goes in a flash.
The support provided by Florentine, in the form of a more “traditional” coaching is fine, focused and benevolent. Florentine opened me to new concepts that I use now regularly.
Liberty and the horses are just amazing. I experienced moments of wonder with Liberty while learning, thanks to her, what I could accomplish, how I felt and what my emotions were projecting.

Cécile Roussel • HR Business Partner • Avril 2017